The Best Album in the World

Gone down by Blackwaterside – Bert Jansch

22 Apr
22 April 2012

This music wasn’t made for TV commercials

I wanted to write something special about a fantastic musician, who recently died amidst apparent indifference. Bert Jansch, the great Scottish folk singer-songwriter, took the air on 5 October 2011, at the age of 67, unfortunately the same day as Apple’s guru (i.e. Steve Jobs), so I didn’t hear a lot about one of my favourite guitarists. Read more →

Every Picture Tells a Story – Rod Stewart and the Faces

15 Apr
15 April 2012

This is a shiny icon

Sunday is a good day to start something. Today, this is my first post for “The Best album in the World”. An absolutely subjective list of albums (and sometimes singles) I like. You don’t need to agree with me, and if you feel outraged by my tastes, you can of course express your indignation in the comments section. But please take the time to listen.

The records I will present here are all in the attic of my parents’ house.  I just need a larger appartment to get them back! Read more →